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Hidden Object Games


Hidden Object Games

If you are looking for some Hidden Object Games to download, this is the place to be.

So come and download from us if you are looking for some great Hidden Object Games like:

Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games

Play Adventure Chronicles

Adventure Chronicles
Susan is at it again!

Play Affair Bureau

Affair Bureau
A deadly affair

Play Alabama Smith

Alabama Smith
Escape from Pompeii

Hidden Object Games

Play Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
Unleash the power

Play Alexandra Fortune

Alexandra Fortune
The Lunar Archipelago

Play Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Can she escape?

Hidden Object Games

Play Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose
Walk boldly into the unknown!

Play Amazing Adventures

Amazing Adventures
Welcome to Egypt!

Play Amazing Adventures 3

Amazing Adventures 3
Find secret treasure

Play Ancient Spirits Columbus

Ancient Spirits Columbus
1492 all over again

Hidden Object Games

Play Animal Agents

Animal Agents
Solve this mystery

Play Annabel

Can she save Egypt?

Play Annies Millions

Annies Millions
Spend it or lose it!

Play Antique Road Trip

Antique Road Trip
Find unique treasures

Hidden Object Games

Play Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow
It's worth how much?

Play Aquascapes

Hidden beneath the waves

Play Autumns Treasures

Autumns Treasures
The Jade Coin

Hidden Object Games

Play Barn Yarn

Barn Yarn
A dream come true

Play Beast of Lycan Isle

Beast of Lycan Isle
Outwit the King

Play Behind the Reflection

Behind the Reflection
Mirror, mirror....

Play Behind the Reflection 2

Behind the Reflection 2
Witch's Revenge

Hidden Object Games

Play Berlin Nights

Berlin Nights
A detective love story

Play Blood Ties

Blood Ties
Unearth the truth

Play Blue Madonna

Blue Madonna
600 year old mystery

Play Book of Legends

Book of Legends
Is Excalibur real?

Hidden Object Games

Play Brink of Consciousness

Brink of Consciousness
Dorian Gray Syndrome

Play Brink of Consciousness 2

Brink of Consciousness 2
Lonely Hearts Murders

Play Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts
A Soldier's Duty

Play Christmasville

Help save Xmas

Hidden Object Games

Play City Style

City Style
Fabulous fashionista

Play Column of the Maya

Column of the Maya
Me oh Maya!

Play Committed

Mystery at Shady Pines

Play Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
Profile the bad guys

Hidden Object Games

Play Cruel Games

Cruel Games
Stop the big, bad wolf!

Play Curse at Twilight

Curse at Twilight
Thief of Souls

Play Dark Arcana

Dark Arcana
The Carnival

Hidden Object Games

Play Dark Lore Mysteries

Dark Lore Mysteries
Hunt for Truth

Play Dark Strokes

Dark Strokes
Sins of the Fathers

Play Deadly Voltage

Deadly Voltage
Rise of the Invincible

Play Derrick

He's a TV detective

Hidden Object Games

Play Detective Stories: Hollywood

Detective Stories: Hollywood
Lights, Camera, Action!

Play Dreamland

Thrills, spills, chills

Play Dreamscapes the Sandman

Dreamscapes the Sandman
I have nightmares

Hidden Object Games

Play Echoes of Sorrow

Echoes of Sorrow
Dark secrets revealed

Play Eden's Quest

Eden's Quest
The hunt for Akua

Play Empress of the Deep

Empress of the Deep
The Darkest Secret

Hidden Object Games

Play Empress of the Deep 2

Empress of the Deep 2
Song of the Blue Whale

Play Epic Escapes

Epic Escapes
Dark Seas

Play EPIC Wishmaster

EPIC Wishmaster
Space age adventure

Hidden Object Games

Play Escape Rosecliff Island

Escape Rosecliff Island
Find a way off the island

Play Escape the Lost Kingdom

Escape the Lost Kingdom
The Cursed Pharaoh

Play Escape the Museum

Escape the Museum
Rescue your daughter

Play Escape the Museum 2

Escape the Museum 2
Can you escape again?

Hidden Object Games

Play Eternal Journey

Eternal Journey
New Atlantis

Play Eternal Night

Eternal Night
Realm of Souls

Play Faded Reality

Faded Reality
It's fading fast

Play Fairy Tale Mysteries

Fairy Tale Mysteries
The Puppet Thief

Hidden Object Games

Play Fiction Fixers

Fiction Fixers
Adventures in Wonderland

Play Film Fatale

Film Fatale
Lights, camera, madness

Play Find Your Own Way Home

Find Your Own Way Home
REO Speedwagon!

Play Fishdom H2O

Fishdom H2O
Hidden Odyssey

Hidden Object Games

Play Gardenscapes

Create the perfect garden!

Play Gardenscapes 2

Gardenscapes 2
Restore the family garden

Hidden Object Games

Play GHOST Chronicles

GHOST Chronicles
Give up the ghosts

Play Ghost Fleet

Ghost Fleet
Explore the ocean depths

Play GHOST Hunters

GHOST Hunters
Investigate the paranormal

Hidden Object Games

Play Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer
The dead can talk

Play Golden Bird of Paradise

Golden Bird of Paradise
Fabled artifact

Play Golden Trails

Golden Trails
New Western Rush

Play Golden Trails 2

Golden Trails 2
Uncover the legacy

Hidden Object Games

Play Golden Trails 3

Golden Trails 3
The Guardian's Creed

Play GourMania

Slice and dice your way to the top!

Play GourMania 2

GourMania 2
Smorgasbord of fun

Play Gourmania 3

Gourmania 3
Zoo Zoom

Hidden Object Games

Play Grace's Quest

Grace's Quest
To catch an art thief

Play Guardian Dragons

Guardian Dragons
Defend the realm

Play Haunted Past

Haunted Past
Realm of ghosts

Hidden Object Games

Play Hidden World of Art

Hidden World of Art
Discover a masterpiece

Play Hide and Secret

Hide and Secret
Find treasures, save the world

Play Hide and Secret 2

Hide and Secret 2
Step aside Dr. Jones

Play Hide and Secret 3

Hide and Secret 3
Pharaoh's Quest

Hidden Object Games

Play Hide and Secret 4

Hide and Secret 4
The Lost World

Play Holly 2

Holly 2
Magic Land

Play Holly A Christmas Story

Holly A Christmas Story
Bursting with xmas magic

Play Hollywood Files

Hollywood Files
Deadly intrigues

Hidden Object Games

Play Hostile Makeover

Hostile Makeover
If looks could kill....

Play House of 1000 Doors

House of 1000 Doors
Family Secrets

Play House of 1000 Doors 2

House of 1000 Doors 2
Palm of Zoroaster

Play Immortal Lovers

Immortal Lovers
Dangerous love story

Hidden Object Games

Play Isla Dorada

Isla Dorada
Hidden object dream

Play Island of Hope

Island of Hope
Mystery Stories

Play Its All About Masks

Its All About Masks
How true that is

Hidden Object Games

Play Jane Angel

Jane Angel
The Templar Mystery

Play Jane Lucky

Jane Lucky
Are you feeling it?

Play Jewel Legends

Jewel Legends
Tree of Life

Play Journalist Journey

Journalist Journey
The Eye of Odin

Hidden Object Games

Play Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope
Journey to the unknown!

Play Kaptain Brawe

Kaptain Brawe
Brawe New World

Play Keys to Manhattan

Keys to Manhattan
The city is yours!

Play King Arthur

King Arthur
Long live the king!

Hidden Object Games

Play Laura Jones

Laura Jones
Gates of Good and Evil

Play Laura Jones 2

Laura Jones 2
Tesla lives

Play Letters from Nowhere

Letters from Nowhere
Letters from the future

Play Letters from Nowhere 2

Letters from Nowhere 2
Save a cursed family

Hidden Object Games

Play Lost City of Z

Lost City of Z
Uncover the mystery

Play Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover
Let's play for gold!

Play Mae Q'West

Mae Q'West
Follow the stars

Play Magic Academy

Magic Academy
Magic 101

Hidden Object Games

Play Magic Academy 2

Magic Academy 2
Magical thief

Play Magic Encyclopedia 3

Magic Encyclopedia 3
Save the Magic Academy!

Hidden Object Games

Play Magician's Handbook

Magician's Handbook
Don't leave home without it!

Play Magicians Handbook 2

Magicians Handbook 2
BlackLore awaits

Play Margrave Manor

Margrave Manor
Mind your manors

Play Margrave Manor 3

Margrave Manor 3
Curse of the Severed Heart

Hidden Object Games

Play Margrave Manor Remastered

Margrave Manor Remastered
Back to the Manor

Play Masquerade Mysteries

Masquerade Mysteries
Meet Joy Black

Play Masters of Mystery

Masters of Mystery
Crime of Fashion

Play Matchmaker 2

Matchmaker 2
The Deserted Bride

Hidden Object Games

Play Memory Clinic

Memory Clinic
Hidden object RX

Play Million Dollar Quest

Million Dollar Quest
Time to win big

Play Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye
Secrets of the Forgotten

Hidden Object Games

Play Mirror Mysteries

Mirror Mysteries
Mirror, mirror

Play Mirror Mysteries 2

Mirror Mysteries 2
Forgotten Kingdoms

Play Mishap 2

Mishap 2
An intentional haunting

Play Mishap An Accidental Haunting

Mishap An Accidental Haunting
An accidental haunting

Hidden Object Games

Play Miss Teri Tale 2

Miss Teri Tale 2
Vote for me!

Play MoM: Blood of Betrayal

MoM: Blood of Betrayal
Betrayal means death

Play Motor Town

Motor Town
Eerie adventures

Hidden Object Games

Play Murder She Wrote 2

Murder She Wrote 2
Return to Cabot Cove

Play Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote
She wrote the book

Play Mushroom Age

Mushroom Age
Save the future and the past

Play Mystery Cruise

Mystery Cruise
Adventure on the high seas

Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games

Play Mystery of Unicorn Castle

Mystery of Unicorn Castle
Uncover its secrets

Play Mystery P.I. Los Angeles

Mystery P.I. Los Angeles
Find the Blockbuster!

Play Mystery PI

Mystery PI
Find the missing ticket

Hidden Object Games

Play Mystery Valley

Mystery Valley
Dreams and nightmares

Play Natalie Brooks

Natalie Brooks
Secrets of Treasure House

Play Natalie Brooks 2

Natalie Brooks 2
Treasures of the Lost Kingdom

Play Natalie Brooks 3

Natalie Brooks 3
Mystery at Hillcrest High

Hidden Object Games

Play Natural Threat

Natural Threat
Ominous Shores

Play Night in the Opera

Night in the Opera
Track down a killer!

Play Nightfall Mysteries

Nightfall Mysteries
Curse of the Opera

Play Nightfall Mysteries 2

Nightfall Mysteries 2
The Asylum Conspiracy

Hidden Object Games

Play Nightmare on the Pacific

Nightmare on the Pacific
Cruise gone bad

Play Nightmares from the Deep

Nightmares from the Deep
The Cursed Heart

Play Paparazzi

Catch celebs in the act

Hidden Object Games

Play Paranormal Agency

Paranormal Agency
Who you gonna call?

Play Pirateville

X marks the spot!

Play Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Back to the 80s

Play Princess Isabella

Princess Isabella
Save the prince

Hidden Object Games

Play Princess Isabella 2

Princess Isabella 2
Princesses rule

Play Pure Hidden

Pure Hidden
A world of surprises

Play Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill
Stop the vigilante

Hidden Object Games

Play Righteous Kill 2

Righteous Kill 2
Catch the Poet Killer

Play Robin's Quest

Robin's Quest
She steals from the rich

Play Romance of Rome

Romance of Rome
Love and treachery

Play Sacra Terra

Sacra Terra
Defeat 7 sins

Hidden Object Games

Play Sacra Terra 2

Sacra Terra 2
Kiss of Death

Play Save Our Spirit

Save Our Spirit
Star-crossed love

Play Scrapbook Paige

Scrapbook Paige
She's crafty

Play Sea Legends

Sea Legends
Phantasmal Light

Hidden Object Games

Play Secrets of the Dragon Wheel

Secrets of the Dragon Wheel
Stop murder and mayhem

Play Settlement Colossus

Settlement Colossus
Build an empire!

Play Shadow Town

Shadow Town
Overcome your fears

Play Shutter Island

Shutter Island
Murder on the island

Hidden Object Games

Play Sinister City

Sinister City
Vampire HOG

Play Snark Busters

Snark Busters
Snarky fun

Play Snark Busters 2

Snark Busters 2
All Revved Up!

Play Snark Busters 3

Snark Busters 3
Snark the rich

Hidden Object Games

Play Snark Busters Bundle

Snark Busters Bundle
2-in-1 bundle deal!

Play Something Special

Something Special
Made in the USA

Play Special Enquiry Detail

Special Enquiry Detail
The Hand that Feeds

Play Special Enquiry Detail 2

Special Enquiry Detail 2
Engaged to Kill

Hidden Object Games

Play Sprill 2

Sprill 2
Find the missing pearl

Play Sprill and Ritchie

Sprill and Ritchie
Adventures in Time

Play Stray Souls

Stray Souls
Dollhouse Story

Play Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight
Reunite haunted lovers!

Hidden Object Games

Play Superior Save

Superior Save
Save your boss

Play The Clumsys 2

The Clumsys 2
Butterfly Effect

Hidden Object Games

Play The Fixer Upper

The Fixer Upper
Make it a home

Play The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman
Adventure awaits!

Hidden Object Games

Play The Gates of Xibalba

The Gates of Xibalba
Meet Joan Jade

Play The Gift

The Gift
Bring a killer to justice!

Play The Hidden Object Show 3

The Hidden Object Show 3
This time it's for keeps!

Hidden Object Games

Play The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor
A secret world

Play The Jolly Gang

The Jolly Gang
Investigate eerie high jinks!

Play The Jolly Gang 2

The Jolly Gang 2
Join the search for treasure!

Hidden Object Games

Hidden Object Games

Play The Otherside

The Otherside
Realm of Eons

Play The Saint

The Saint
Abyss of Despair

Play The Tarots Misfortune

The Tarots Misfortune
Reverse the curse!

Hidden Object Games

Play The Tudors

The Tudors
Travel Europe as Henry's Spy!

Play THEM the Summoning

THEM the Summoning
Fear the unknown

Hidden Object Games

Play Three Days Amulet Secret

Three Days Amulet Secret
Time to save the world

Play Three Days Zoo Mystery

Three Days Zoo Mystery
Rescue the animals

Play Time Riddles The Mansion

Time Riddles The Mansion
Time travel HOG

Play Tower of Elements

Tower of Elements
Defend thyself!

Hidden Object Games

Play Trapped

The Abduction

Play Treasure Masters

Treasure Masters
Globetrotting adventure

Play Treasures of Mystery Island

Treasures of Mystery Island
Escape the Island

Hidden Object Games

Play Treasures of Mystery Island 3

Treasures of Mystery Island 3
Collect hidden objects!

Play Twisted Christmas

Twisted Christmas
A haunted tale

Play Twisted Lands Origin

Twisted Lands Origin
The birth of terror

Hidden Object Games

Play Unexpected Journey

Unexpected Journey
Cruise at your own risk

Play Vampire Saga

Vampire Saga
Open Pandora's Box

Play Vampire Saga 2

Vampire Saga 2
Escape from Heck

Hidden Object Games

Play Vampire Saga Bundle

Vampire Saga Bundle
Twice the vampires

Play Vampireville

3D Vampire adventure

Play Vault Cracker

Vault Cracker
Return to crime

Hidden Object Games

Play Voodoo Whisperer

Voodoo Whisperer
Curse of a Legend

Play Weird Park

Weird Park
Broken Tune

Play Where Angels Cry

Where Angels Cry
Haunted monastery

Play White Haven Mysteries

White Haven Mysteries
Find the antidote

Hidden Object Games

Play Wild Wild Quest

Wild Wild Quest
Party like it's 1888

Play Wisegal

She's a Mafia mom

Play Youda Mystery

Youda Mystery
The Stanwick Legacy

Play Zooloretto

This place is a zoo