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Puzzle Games

If you are looking for some Puzzle Games to download, this is the place to be.

So come and download from us if you are looking for some great Puzzle Games like:

Puzzle Games

Play Zulu Gems

Zulu Gems
Find the mythical relics!

Play Zodiac Tower

Zodiac Tower
Astrology adventure

Play Zen Puzzle Garden

Zen Puzzle Garden
Meditate on this

Play Youda Jewel Shop

Youda Jewel Shop
Get ready to shine!

Puzzle Games

Play World Voyage

World Voyage
Discover the world's wonders

Play World Mosaics 6

World Mosaics 6
Catch a thief

Play World Mosaics 5

World Mosaics 5
Time travel puzzler

Play World Mosaics 4

World Mosaics 4
Recover lost artifacts

Puzzle Games

Play World Mosaics 3

World Mosaics 3
Fairy tale puzzler

Play World Mosaics 2

World Mosaics 2
A puzzle for all time

Play World Mosaics

World Mosaics
Puzzle pieces of history

Play Wonderlines

Draw the line

Puzzle Games

Play Wizard Land

Wizard Land
Save this land

Play Virus 3

Virus 3
The fun is spreading...

Play Treasures of the Ancient Caravan

Treasures of the Ancient Caravan
Magical artifacts await you

Puzzle Games

Play Treasures of Montezuma 2

Treasures of Montezuma 2
Welcome back to the jungle

Play Treasures of Montezuma

Treasures of Montezuma
An archeological adventure!

Play Treasure Pyramid

Treasure Pyramid
Discover the secret

Puzzle Games

Play Treasure Island 2

Treasure Island 2
Shiver me timbers

Play Treasure Island

Treasure Island
Yo ho ho!

Play Totem Quest

Totem Quest
Treasure match bonanza

Play Tinseltown Dreams

Tinseltown Dreams
Quiet on the set!

Puzzle Games

Play Tiki Boom Boom

Tiki Boom Boom
A taste of Paradise

Play Tibet Quest

Tibet Quest
Find Shangri La

Puzzle Games

Play The Enchanting Islands

The Enchanting Islands
Restore the fairy tale

Play The Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom
Long live the queen!

Play Temple Of Jewels

Temple Of Jewels
Find the Temple of Jewels

Play Super Stamp

Super Stamp
Collect the whole set

Puzzle Games

Play Sudoku Quest

Sudoku Quest
Brain bender

Play Sudoku Latin Squares

Sudoku Latin Squares
Red hot sudoku

Play Strimko

It's like Sudoku

Play Sticky Linky

Sticky Linky
Globs of fun

Puzzle Games

Play Spring Bonus

Spring Bonus
Easter's on it's way!

Play Spandex Force

Spandex Force
Fight crime in style

Play Spacebound

Rescue the Picolytes

Play Shopping Marathon

Shopping Marathon
Shop till you drop

Puzzle Games

Play Sea Journey

Sea Journey
Match-3 on the high seas

Play Runes of Avalon 2

Runes of Avalon 2
Match wits with Morganna

Play Rise of Atlantis

Rise of Atlantis
Bring back the legend

Play Retro Records

Retro Records
A musical blast from the past

Puzzle Games

Play Restaurant Rush

Restaurant Rush
Heidi strikes again!

Play Reaktor

Plutonium powered puzzle fun

Play Rainbow Web 3

Rainbow Web 3
Untangle the web

Play Rainbow Web 2

Rainbow Web 2
Return to the kingdom

Puzzle Games

Play Rainbow Web

Rainbow Web
Save the magical kingdom

Play Rainbow Mystery

Rainbow Mystery
Save the kingdom

Play Quilting Time

Quilting Time
Quick quilting quandry

Play Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2
Escape to fantasy

Puzzle Games

Play Puzzle Express

Puzzle Express
All aboard the puzzle express

Play Puzzle City

Puzzle City
Build your dream city

Play Professor Fizzwizzle

Professor Fizzwizzle
Professor! Professor!

Puzzle Games

Play Pipedown

Arrange the pipes in 3D

Play Path of Hercules

Path of Hercules
Become a hero

Play Pantheon

Divine match-3

Play Oriental Dreams

Oriental Dreams
Find the runes

Puzzle Games

Play Ocean Express

Ocean Express
Perfect puzzle packing

Play Mean Girls

Mean Girls
Battle your way to the top!

Play Mahjong Secrets

Mahjong Secrets
Royal intrigue

Play Luck Charm Deluxe

Luck Charm Deluxe
Are you feeling lucky?

Puzzle Games

Play Lost Kingdom Prophecy

Lost Kingdom Prophecy
Save the kingdom

Play Lost in Reefs

Lost in Reefs
Secrets of the ancient city

Play Lost in Night

Lost in Night
Awesomer match-3

Play Lost Fortunes

Lost Fortunes
Hang on to your soul

Puzzle Games

Play Lost City Of Gold

Lost City Of Gold
Swap and explore!

Play Lost City of Aquatica

Lost City of Aquatica
Rebuild the lost city

Play Liong: The Lost Amulets

Liong: The Lost Amulets
Restore nature's balance

Play Liong the Dragon

Liong the Dragon
Rescue the liong dragons

Puzzle Games

Play Legend of Fae

Legend of Fae
Discover the Faery Gates

Play Legend of Aladdin

Legend of Aladdin
Take a flying carpet ride

Play Legacy: World Adventure

Legacy: World Adventure
Reclaim your legacy

Play Land of Runes

Land of Runes
Save your people

Puzzle Games

Play LanceLogic

Solve challenging puzzles

Play Knightfall

Death and Taxes

Play Jurassic Realm

Jurassic Realm
Block busting dinosaur puzzle

Puzzle Games

Play Jewels of Cleopatra

Jewels of Cleopatra
Discover untold treasures

Play Jewel of Atlantis

Jewel of Atlantis
Discover lost Atlantis

Play Jewel Miner

Jewel Miner
Mine 'n match

Play House MD

House MD
Is there a doctor in the house?

Puzzle Games

Play Holiday Express

Holiday Express
All aboard for Holiday fun

Play High Seas Deluxe

High Seas Deluxe
Treasure ahoy!

Play Heroes of Kalevala

Heroes of Kalevala
Lead your tribe to victory!

Play Heroes of Hellas 3

Heroes of Hellas 3
Epic match-3 action!

Puzzle Games

Play Heroes of Hellas 2

Heroes of Hellas 2
Match-3 to build a city

Play Heroes of Hellas

Heroes of Hellas
Mythical puzzler

Play Heart of Egypt

Heart of Egypt
Excavate ancient artifacts

Play Gold Fever

Gold Fever
Solid gold matching

Puzzle Games

Play Gift Shop

Gift Shop
Have you been naughty or nice?

Play Gem Shop

Gem Shop
Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Play Galactic Express

Galactic Express
It's out of this world

Play Fruits

Hit the jackpot

Puzzle Games

Play Fortune Tiles

Fortune Tiles
Enlightened matching

Play Flower Paradise

Flower Paradise
Build your perfect garden

Play Fishdom 3

Fishdom 3
3D fish

Play Fishdom 2

Fishdom 2
Fish for everyone!

Puzzle Games

Play Farmscapes

Match-3 Farm Fun

Play Fairy Quest

Fairy Quest
Save the forest

Play Fairy Nook

Fairy Nook
Navigate the fairy realms

Play Fairy Island

Fairy Island
Escape to the island

Puzzle Games

Play Evoly

Evolve some fun

Play Escape from Atlantis

Escape from Atlantis
Sink or swim!

Play Enchanted Gardens

Enchanted Gardens
How does your garden grow?

Play Enchanted Cavern 2

Enchanted Cavern 2
Puzzle paradise

Puzzle Games

Play Enchanted Cavern

Enchanted Cavern
Stunning match-3 journey

Play Empire of the Gods

Empire of the Gods
Be the Pharaoh of them all

Play El Dorado Quest

El Dorado Quest
Ancient treasure abounds

Play Eets

Eat your way to victory!

Puzzle Games

Play Dropheads

Combine crazy dropheads

Play Dr Germ

Dr Germ
Come and experiment!

Play Demolition Master 3D

Demolition Master 3D
Explosions galore

Play Cybermice Party Classic

Cybermice Party Classic
Cheese out with cybermice

Puzzle Games

Play Cybermice Party 2003

Cybermice Party 2003
Cheese out even more

Play Crop Busters

Crop Busters
Start planting!

Play Crime Puzzle

Crime Puzzle
Solve the crime!

Play Cradle of Rome 2

Cradle of Rome 2
Return to glory!

Puzzle Games

Play Cradle of Rome

Cradle of Rome
Build Rome in a day

Play Cradle of Persia

Cradle of Persia
1001 nights of puzzles!

Play Cradle of Egypt

Cradle of Egypt
Pyramids galore

Play Coffee Rush 3

Coffee Rush 3
Wake up & sell the coffee

Puzzle Games

Play Coffee Rush 2

Coffee Rush 2
Wake up & sell the coffee

Play Coffee Rush

Coffee Rush
Wake up and smell the coffee!

Play Clayside

Houses of clay

Play Caterpillar

Fast paced popping

Puzzle Games

Play Call of Atlantis

Call of Atlantis
Heed the call

Play Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt
Magical puzzler

Play Brainville

Live the smart life

Play Brain Booster

Brain Booster
Got brains?

Puzzle Games

Play BLOX Forever

BLOX Forever
A puzzle solving blast!


Challenging puzzle solving

Play Big Kahuna Reef 3

Big Kahuna Reef 3
Hawaiian vacation

Play Big Brain Wolf

Big Brain Wolf
Who's afraid?

Puzzle Games

Play Atlantis Quest

Atlantis Quest
Discover the secret of Atlantis

Play Arctic Quest 2

Arctic Quest 2
Defeat the Snow Prince

Play Aquitania

Match-3 wonderland!

Play Anne's Dream World

Anne's Dream World
Dreamy puzzle fun

Puzzle Games

Play Ancient Wonderland

Ancient Wonderland
Find the Elixer of LIfe

Play Amazonia

Release the ancient spirits

Play Alchemist's Apprentice

Alchemist's Apprentice
Build a magical kingdom

Play Alabama Smith 2

Alabama Smith 2
The Quest of Fate

Puzzle Games

Play Age Of Japan

Age Of Japan
Incredible puzzle entertainment

Play Aargon Deluxe

Aargon Deluxe
Fun with lasers

Play A Magnetic Adventure

A Magnetic Adventure
Opposites attract

Play A Dwarf's Story

A Dwarf's Story
Short and sweet

Puzzle Games

Play 7 Gates

7 Gates
Path to Zamolxes

Play 4 Elements 2

4 Elements 2
It's elemental

Play 4 Elements

4 Elements
Restore peace and prosperity

Play 10 Talismans

10 Talismans
Mystical match-3