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Rollo and Flex

Your Objective:

Steer Rollo through the perilous suspended mazes. Avoid the bombs, and watch out for the hidden traps.

You have been assigned to rescue your fellow Rollos from the dreaded land of Ballache where they have been imprisoned in crates scattered about the land.

Beware! Not all crates contain your friends. Some will increase your time, but some are booby trapped with bombs.

Get through each level before the timer runs out and rescue as many fellow Rollos as you can along the way.

You'll need to work out how to make your way to the transportation vortex to get to the next area.

The Controls:

Move left and right with the left/right arrow keys. Move forward with the up arrow key. Move back and brake with the down arrow key.

Space bar fires (Hold to power up)

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Rollo and Flex Comments and Cheats

I love Rollo and Flex. They are really fun!  Name: RolloFan     From: Alberta, Canada

Rollo And Flex - You are player No. 12160

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