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Your Objective:

Snooker is played with fifteen object balls that are not numbered and are solid red (called reds), six object balls of other colors that are not numbered (called colors in snooker) and a cue ball (called the white ball).

The aim of snooker is to pocket the balls legally according to the rules and to score a greater number of points than the opponent. Point values for object balls: red-1, yellow-2, green-3, brown-4, blue-5, pink-6, black-7.

The game of Snooker begins with the cue ball in hand in the Half Circle (so the starting player can place the cue ball anywhere inside the Half Circle). - The rules for the opening break are the same as when one of the players gets the right to strike.

The Controls:

The commands are executed by selecting the command and moving the mouse while the left button pressed.
  • Aim Aim the cue stick.
  • Fine Aim Fine aim the cue stick.
  • Shoot Press the left mouse button and adjust the cue stick's distance from the cue ball. Move the mouse up to strike. The faster you move the mouse up the harder you hit the cue ball.
  • Move Moves the cue ball when it is in hand
  • View Moves the camera around and above the cue ball. Available in 3D mode only
  • Zoom Moves the camera closer or further away from the table. Available in 3D mode only
  • Spin Gives spin (english) to the cue ball

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Snooker Comments and Cheats

Snooker is awesome  Name: KMC     From: Lisbon

Snooker - You are player No. 11426

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