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A Winner of the Mochiads Flash Game Friday contest!

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Your Objective:

Amazing retro space shooter game. Crank up the volume and get into it. 40 levels, bosses, rotating screen

Retroshoot won the Mochiads Flash Game Friday contest! This is what Alexander Shen wrote about our game:
Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat! Pew! Pew!
This week's Flash Game Friday winner is Retroshoot! This game pits the player against waves of enemies in a horizontal/vertical (it changes depending on the wave) shooter that reminds of "shmups" of yesteryear! One of the features I liked in the game was the fact that the game did all the shooting for me. I didn't have to rapidly click my finger over and over again, nor did I have to keep my finger down in a cramped like fashion to keep the ship firing. This allowed me to focus my time and energy on dodging enemies while blowing other ones out of space. Couple that with really nice special effects (that purple lightning gets me every time) and you've got yourself an exciting time drain. Take that, you frakkin' toasters!

The Controls:

Use the mouse to steer the ship. Shooting is automatic.

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Retroshoot - You are player No. 343049

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