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If you really like to play sports games, this is the place to be.

See how good you are at surfing with Surf's Up

Ever try wakeboarding? Wakeboarding XS will test your skills.

Prefer winter sports? How about snowboarding? Snowboarder XS will see how well you do at snowboarding, or try curling in Miniclip Nordic Chill.

If you are looking for some great sports games, come and play with us!

Sports Games

Play Wakeboarding XS

Wakeboarding XS
Let's go wakeboarding!

Play Verti Golf 2

Verti Golf 2
Awesome game of golf

Play Tropical Bee Boxing

Tropical Bee Boxing
Tropical Bee Boxing at its best

Play Tabletop Cricket

Tabletop Cricket
Come learn to play Cricket

Sports Games

Play Surf's Up

Surf's Up
Surf the waves like none other!

Play Squigly Fish Racer

Squigly Fish Racer
Fish Racing at its best

Play Snowboarder XS

Snowboarder XS
Snowboard down the mountain

Play Shootin Hoops

Shootin Hoops
Come play Basketball

Sports Games

Play Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump
Enter the Rodent Tree Jumping competition

Play RoBoxer 2

RoBoxer 2
Knock out the robot opponent

Play Real Pool

Real Pool
Play a fun game of 8 ball

Play Monster Sumo

Monster Sumo
Poolside Monster Sumo Wrestling

Sports Games

Play Monkey Kick Off

Monkey Kick Off
Kick the coconut to Monkey Village

Play Monkey Diving

Monkey Diving
Monkey Cliff Diving

Play Miniclip Stan Skates

Miniclip Stan Skates
Do cool skateboard tricks

Play Miniclip Nordic Chill

Miniclip Nordic Chill
Compete in 4 winter sports

Sports Games

Play Miniclip Baseball

Miniclip Baseball
Try minor or major league

Play Mini Putt 3

Mini Putt 3
Third in a popular series

Play Mini Pool 2

Mini Pool 2
Fun Billiards variation

Play Mini Golf

Mini Golf
Great miniature golf

Sports Games

Play Kick Off

Kick Off
Kick some goals

Play James The Beach Zebra

James The Beach Zebra
Surf and play on the beach with James

Play Hat Trick Basketball

Hat Trick Basketball
Try to shoot a hat trick

Play Fish Tales in the Ocean

Fish Tales in the Ocean
Eat or be eaten

Sports Games

Play Field Goal Challenge

Field Goal Challenge
Kick some field goals

Play Extreme Heli Boarding

Extreme Heli Boarding
Come jump out of a helicopter

Play Elite Base Jumping

Elite Base Jumping
Best Base Jumping Ever!

Play Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt
Hunt the ducks for dinner

Sports Games

Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf
Get the disc into the cage

Play Chicken Little Batting Practice

Chicken Little Batting Practice
Work on your baseball swing with Chicken Little

Play Base Jumping

Base Jumping
Become king of extreme sports!

Play Ball In Troubles

Ball In Troubles
Keep the basketball from being destroyed

Sports Games

Play Air Hockey

Air Hockey
Get the puck in the opponent's goal