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Miniclip Deep Freeze

Your Objective:

Freeze your enemies with your water gun and stop the bad guys from ruining Christmas.

The Controls:

Move with the arrow keys and use space bar to throw ice or kick a snowball

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Miniclip Deep Freeze Comments and Cheats

How do you get past Druculla? I can only get inside the house 1 game out of 30.  Name: ?     From: United State
1) If you wipe out all figures with one ice ball, a large treasure chest will drop down in the middle of the screen breaking open with lots of goodlies; gather the STOCKINGS because they are worth 50,000 points when they come out of the big chest.
2) To get one ice ball to wipe out all figures, have Santa wait on the bottom of the screen and ice all figures but one on that lowest area and keep them iced, then ice the last figure to get its ball rolling and wipe out all other ice balls with it.
3) To beat the vampire, start under one of the shelves on the right or left, get one of the figures iced, and right when the vampire starts to decend, get the ice ball rolling and start Santa running. The vampire will only decend onto the spot where Santa is when the vampire starts to decend, so if Santa is running, the vampire can't land on you.
4) rack up points on the Vampire level.
5) On the clown level, icing a purple treasure chest right before you kill the clown will result in a lot more treasure. REMEMBER, under certain situations, THE STOCKINGS are worth 50,000. Only by collecting them can you reach into the millions. You can get 200,000 points on one level this way  Name: Gretchen     From: New York
To make lots of points, you can shoot on the purple cases, they will spit more treats or you and kill all the vilans in 1 shot a big case will fall from the sky or hit the vilans an extra time to double your prize!  Name: michelle ann     From: germany
I can get to about 77,000 at the end but how do i get higher like into the millions?  Name: Anon     From: ?
i can't get past the bat (vampire) level. any suggestions? how do you kill that bat? he sucks all the life out of me.  Name: lola     From: ?
help-i can't EVER get past the level with the vampire..its so frustrating  Name: bob     From: united states
i have been able to make like 2 million but how the heck ppl make 90 million ! i dont understand  Name: Devil     From: canada
How does the players score over two million points in the game?  Name: Koko     From: United States
Oh yeah, another tip: if you are positive you are about to get the big box (when you get all the monsters in ONE snowball) stay away from the middle of the screen! The box will come down and you will catch it and get it for only 1000 points! BEWARE!!!!  Name: amazing softball player
On the clown level if you can time it so that you have 2 ice balls hit the clown you will get double the rewards. Also if that is a Queen she sure is ugly!  Name: Tawanda16     From: Illinois, USA
Be careful when shooting the toy boxes to get presents. If you shoot it too many times, it disappears, and you want it for 1000 points!
Also, whenever you get a load of presents with the speed power in it, always get the speed power first. Then you will be fast and can make it to the rest of the goodies in time! Hope this helps!  Name: amazing softball player
Okay well Dezy's trick is great and all, but I have a better one for the final level. When he throws down the icicles, drop down the little hole and you will appear on top of them! You have to time it right or you will catch up to the icicles or leave too late. GOOD LUCK!!!
BTW Dezy, it's a queen not a genie!!!  Name: amazing softball player
To avoid being hit with icicles on the level with the genie try and stay to the left end of the screen.  Name: Dezy     From: Canada
The purple treasure boxes will spill presents out if you go up to it and press space.  Name: Anon
When you kick an ice ball, you have to hit all the monsters, then, stay well away from the middle and a big treasure chest will come down. It will crack open and heaps of toys will come out.  Name: EMZYY
For bat level, u know how he goes down to you? you have to make it so that an ice ball hits him. Do u know how to do the king level?  Name: ihatetheking

Deep Freeze - You are player No. 58440

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