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Quick facts about Penguins

Kinds of Penguins

There are many types of Penguins that live on the Earth. Emperor, King, Gentoo, Macaroni, Rockhopper, Black-Footed and Little Blue are just a few of the different kinds.

Penguin Society

Penguins are social birds. That means they thrive on being with other Penguins. They live in huge colonies of birds that can number in the hundreds or even thousands of individuals. The colonies are known as "rookeries." The rookeries serve to help them keep warm in the frigid climate, as a place to raise their young, and as protection against predators.

Is that skin or feathers?

Despite the fact that Penguins sometimes look like they are covered with slick skin on the outside (especially when they are wet), they actually have very dense feathers (up to 80 per square inch) covering their bodies. The feathers help protect them from the harsh coldness of water and wind.

Where do Penguins live?

Only seven of the seventeen total penguin species live in the hostile environment of the Antarctic. Other habitats include the Galapagos Islands, Australia, New Zealand, the southern tips of South America and South Africa, and some Antarctic islands.
Temperatures in the Antarctic can reach -100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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