Penguin Arcade - A Fun Penguin Arcade Game!

Pop the Penguins in the arcade

Cool Penguin arcade game - All in fun! Shoot the confused penguins back into the water before they escape over the edge.
Your goal is to knock them in as fast as you can

Your controls:

Use your MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot.

No Penguins were hurt in the making of this game

Fun Penguin Facts

Are Penguins good swimmers?

Yes! They are very good swimmers. Penguins will often dive deep in the ocean in search of their favorite food - fish. Emperor Penguins can dive as far down as 900 feet looking for something to eat.
Penguins have also been known to swim as much as 150 miles - just trying to find their dinner!
Besides fish like smelt, herring and sardines, Penguins will also eat squid (Cephalopods) and shrimp-like Crustaceans known as krill.

Today is: Tuesday, February 19, 2019