Penguin Push - A Great, Fun Penguin Ice Game!

Fun Ice Block strategy game

Help the Cute Penguin move the ice blocks into the yellow squares. You must plan your moves carefully, however, or you'll find yourself in a corner with no way to escape.

Your controls:

Use your ARROW keys to MOVE. You get extra points awarded for speed and making the fewest number of steps you can.

Fun Penguin Facts

Penguin swimming fun facts

Penguins can spend as much as 80% of their lives in the water, just coming ashore to breed and molt.
When in a hurry, Penguins can swim as fast as 10 or 15 miles per hour, but on average will swim at about 2 miles per hour (about how fast you normally walk).
Penguin feather coloring (called counter shading) helps protect them in the water. Their dark back sides blend in with the darkness of the water below and help make them invisible to predators above, while their white bellies make them harder to see by predators below (because they blend in with the lightness of the sky above.)

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