Polar Rescue - A Great, Penguin Rescue Game!

This is a story of a Penguin on a mission...

One bird, one mission -- Are you ready? You must defeat all the Penguin enemies and prepare to meet the ice giant. Along the way you will be attacked by flying snowballs, dodge razor-sharp ice blades, and fight a huge polar bear. Can he be defeated?
Will you be ready to meet the blue ice giant in the end? Is he impossible to beat?
Only you can determine the fate of your Penguin.

Your controls:

Use LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move. Press 'Shift' to shoot. '1' and '2' to choose weapons. Space bar will make you jump.

Fun Penguin Facts

Why do Penguins need wings?

Penguins do not fly so why do they need wings?
When the Penguins are swimming, they use their wings like flippers or paddles, which allows them to swim very quickly to escape from predators or catch a fish meal.
When they are walking or jumping, Penguins use their wings to help them balance (just like you use your arms to do the same).
Their feet and tails serve as rudders which allow the Penguins to steer and brake while they are swimming. This allows them to maneuver very precisely, which enhances their chances for survival.

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